Most Common Web Hosting Issues to Know About

Most of us may have already encountered some issues in a website while we were browsing on the web. For instance, the website has layout issues, images are not displayed or broken, and the page takes forever to load. For business owner, this may result to loss of sales since it irritates visitors causing them to leave. In fact, Amazon lost $66,240 per minute when their site went down for approximately 30 minutes. Imagine how it can affect e-commerce businesses that depends solely on traffic for sales.


For this reason, an online business should take web hosting problems seriously. In this article, we will identify the most common web hosting issues and how to fix them.



Seeing a “Coming Soon” page even after uploading website

This can be an annoying problem especially for website owners who spend hours moving site to a new hosting. It also means that the web browser is using an old version of the website or it has been uploaded on the wrong place.

To fix this issue is easy and simple.

  • Old version appears on the website – clear the web browser’s cache, restart the browser and check.
  • Uploaded the website on the wrong place – Start by checking if the website is uploaded to the right folder in the hosting account. Ensure that the file is uploaded into a valid index file (index.html or default.html).



Website not showing the changes that were uploaded

There are a few reasons why the changes that were are not showing. One of these reasons is that it might be a cached data. This means the browser stores data from the website to help make browsing faster the next time someone visits.

It is not a complicated issue and it can be resolved quickly, just go to the browser settings and clear the cache.



Images not showing up on the website

If the images on the website are not showing up, the issues could be the following:

  • The images on the website were not uploaded to the hosting account.
  • They were uploaded to the wrong folder.


To fix these issues, try to re-upload the images if they work. If it’s not working, then the images were uploaded to the wrong folder. Open the website then right-click on the position where the image should be, select “Open in new tab”. The new tab will display the URL the website uses. Finally, transfer the image to the directory, this will display the image after reloading the website.


Final Words

There are still a lot of issues that comes across with web hosting, and the ones above are the most common. Therefore, one needs to choose the right web hosting company to help avoid such mistakes, or fix them as soon as possible. There are a lot of risk involve that needs to be considered, and for that it is important to select a reputable web hosting company that can also provide not only support but also excellence.