What’s cPanel Webhosting?

If you’re looking for the industry’s leader for turning standalone servers into an entirely automated point-and-click hosting system, then you have to be referring to cPanel Web Hosting.

CPanel was originally designed by J. Nicholas Koston since the control panel for High-Speed Hosting, that is a now-defunct web hosting company.

It’s a Linux-based site hosting control panel which offers a graphical interface and automation applications designed to simplify the method of hosting a web website. It’s designed as a virtual or dedicated server, which supports CentOS, Red Hat Linux, and FreeBSD. Team of that application-based support is as follows:

  • Apache

Whereas a group of the support includes:

  • POP3

CPanel is commonly obtained on port 2082.

To offer functionality for administrators, resellers, and end-user sites, a 3-tier construction is used to control several aspects website and host administration using a standard internet browser. The GUI interface cPanel also comes with command line and API based accessibility Which Allows the following:

  • Third party applications vendors,

For the longest time, cPanel has won the devotion of consumers around the planet using its applications supported by a magnificent team of developers, technical support and quality assurance team.

Replaced by net interfaces and calls, cPanel is designed with many levels of administration including administrator, reseller, end user, and email-based interfaces. These levels supply the following securities:

  • Flexibility for everyone in the host administrator to the account user.

CPanel forces site hosting companies and organizations which have a need to automate and give competitive hosting solutions.

To sum up it, cPanel Webhosting is a/an:

  • easy-to-manage,
  • steady,
  • widely-used web hosting Control Panel everybody will enjoy.